Dave, you are generous, prompt and made of good”

— Daniel Lanois

Author Profile
Davey is a writer that focusses on the making, thinking, practicing and teaching of sound creation, music production and interactive audio designs. His writing and research is intensely curious and presents a high tolerance for volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity. Able to write about complex music, sonic design and audio capturing theories using his toolbox of experiential and Socratic methods that balance play, theory, tradition and current purpose. Comfortable writing about a verity of corporate, academic and political music structures as well. He is a champion of audio technology, advance rhythm and user experience (UX) with articulation and developmental ease. Free spirited and fun guy that hunts out the sonic signature and creative process of artists that affect music culture and societies as a whole. 

Written Music, Audio Experience & Interaction:

adept in crafting persona-based research methods, scenario-driven audio and written interactions founded in discoveries from user-centered research. Skilled in observation, inquiry, ethnographic research and music performance. Capable of writing about creating complex audio hierarchies of information into approachable, human-friendly structures. Able to quickly develop and test interactive sound design prototypes and musical mockups for his research.

Sonic Creation and Writing Design:

For his research, Davey maintains a solid understanding of current and traditional sound and writing design forms, behaviors, and aesthetics. Deeply interested in human & sound relationships. Cognizant of the impact of human factors, ergonomics, and usability in audio technology and performance. Familiar with the dynamic nature of manufacturability, marketing, and audio engineering associated with the development of the modern consumer and their products.

Teaching, Mentoring & Coaching: 

PhD educated and trained in leading constructive critiques. Motivates students to learn through playing, making, accepting failure and recognizing success. Davey exhibits an ability to quickly improvise and empathize with different viewpoints and worldviews. Developed a creative practice method and composed the book (Daily Meds for Creative Musical Practices) to aid with academic deliveries and creative endeavors. Currently being taught in high schools and colleges in southern Ontario.


Able to transpose musical design sketches and diagrams into functioning written, recorded objects and interaction systems. Fluent in IOS apps and recording DAW's: Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, Auria and Cubasis to aid in presenting his sonic findings. He writes about his experience with sound design using analog and digital formats, platforms, microcontrollers and sensors in order to create user-friendly installations, interfaces and dynamic playback widgets. Also, his writings express a knowledgeable understanding in digital music instrument fabrication, electroacoustic sound creation, and the audio capturing and sonic effects process.


The research Davey conducts approaches problem solving iteratively through a process of experimentation, documentation and analysis. Able to understand, decompose and articulate the creative process of complex music and audio systems into tangible written elements without losing sight of the whole. Acutely aware of emotion and intuition. Uses the game of chess as a formulaic inspiration to create and present his writings. He is a cognitive interviewer that gathers information for more understanding of the human soul and a honest love of exploration. 

Education Philosophy

My transition from being a professional musician and record producer to becoming an educator was motivated by my desire to share my learning and experience with others. This was a natural progression for me: I find that academic education has many similarities to making records because I enjoy helping musicians and music enthusiasts reach their inner potential. It is important for me to be a member of a collage and/or university because learning is a high priority for me as both an educator and life-­‐long learner. My love of teaching comes from my own positive experiences as a student, and my desire to provide such an experience for my students. My passion for teaching stems from my belief that fundamental music performance and audio engineering issues are intricately connected with technology. I feel a sense of responsibility to educate future generations of musicians and audio engineers about the pitfalls of the old industry, as well as prepare them for the new industry that is changing before us, as I have been fortunate enough to be a part of both eras through my experiences in the music business. My ultimate goal as an educator is to facilitate the growth of my students to achieve the skills necessary to persevere to help them achieve their creative and personal goals.
The following link is a "teaching concepts" document designed by Dave: