Bradley T. DeLaire

I have known Davey for a period of over 3 ½ years. During these years, he has been a mentor, producer, writer, sound engineer and key inspiration in my career as a singer- songwriter. To my knowledge, the complex and dynamic music services he provides do not exist elsewhere in the city of Toronto. On a personal level, those meeting Davey will find him charming, humorous, but also candid and direct; virtues that at first might offend sensitive clients. Ironically, these are the same virtues that make him among the best - if not the best - choices out there. I work with people who understand that criticism, not flattery, is the way we improve. Davey has persistently challenged and pushed me beyond limits I set for myself. He identifies where you are in your learning curve and growth as an artist, advising you exactly with what you need to know, what to do and how to do it in order for you to succeed, while delaying aspects best addressed later in the career path. He combines a degree of tact and vision that I have yet to see in the musicians and technical professionals I have worked with.
Davey is a passionate professional of the highest caliber and integrity; a man whose talents and dedication I hold in the highest regard. In short, he is the mentor, producer, mixer, arranger, tour manager, promoter, band mate, fan, and record label all wrapped impossibly into one. I value him for his larger perspective and grasp of music history and the music industry at large. With no bias, I fully endorse and encourage musicians of any genre or background to benefit from the services he provides.

Ryan Griffiths

I worked with Davey as a drummer and collaborator on a few projects and it was kind of like being an apprentice to a riverboat gambler. That is, he showed me what worked in and didn't in my hand and how to lay 'em down best. He seems to be inhabiting in a different world than most and knew it. I recognized it and moved right in. He's a killer with a gold toothed smile dedicated to the sporting life of music. He helped me make sounds that only full grown men could make - never any kids stuff. Regardless of distance, Davey will be a part of whatever I do in some fashion from this point on.

Jackie: Girl + Machine

Davey goes above and beyond, always thinking out of the box creatively and he is able to bring out the deeper potential in the artists he works with.

J. (Brownie) Brownell

I had the opportunity to record with, and be taught by Davey James in the summer of 2011; it was an eye opening experience to say the least. I had been flirting with song writing, playing and singing for years, but had never gotten serious about it. Dave and I had a sit down prior to getting to work, and right away his approach was unique. We talked at length about what I wanted to accomplish and how I had planned on getting there. We discussed aspirations and past experiences, fears and goals alike. Originally I thought I would just write some songs , track them, and he would just work some producer magic! Which was not at all the case. When all was said and done, I walked away with a completely new understanding of songwriting, music, and what it took in order to bring an idea to complete fruition. Dave was able to teach and coach me through all aspects of the process. We worked on song structure, vocal pitch, and practical guitar theory, harmonies, transposing piano to Bass/guitar and the list goes on. It was invaluable to be able to have access to all that knowledge and experience in one teacher. He pushed me beyond my comfort zone and ability on many an occasion, and the result in the end was an EP that I think we were both surprised with, he took the time and included me in the editing process and bounced his idea’s with mine. He was unbelievably generous with his time and never rushed me though any roadblock or “writers Block” but instead gave me the tools to work through it and come out the other end stronger and armed with more knowledge. I always felt included in the postproduction process, as Dave would fire off the different mixes for me to sign off on. The things I took away from the experience will be applied in not just music but all my future artistic endeavors no matter how grand or small. Davey James is a gifted teacher, versatile musician, and phenomenal producer, and I am simply better for it. Many Thanks and gratitude!