2008-14 BOB EGAN (Blue Rodeo) World of Steel (Assistant Engineer, Edit, Mix and Percussion) Release 2013

2013 DANDY INC. App Audio Logo Design (Music) Released on IOS, Blackberry, Windows & Android Dec 2013

2013 RADIO NOIR ORCHESTRA Self-Titled LP (Mixing Engineer) Released Oct 2013

2013 NIGHTS & WEEKENDS Room 414 LP (Producer, Engineer, Mix, Music) Released June 2013

2012 KEVIN MYLES WILSON The Little Things EP (Producer, Engineer, Mix, Master and Drums) Released November 2012

2012 TYLER BRADLEY Untitled EP (Coach) Japanese Digital Release 2012

2012 CEREBRAL SCRUB? Make It Stink 2 LP (Producer, Engineer and Mix) Ends Meat Label? Cassette/Digital Released 2012

2012 BEEKEEPERS SOCIETY Twin Fold Sides Single (Steel Guitar) Digital/Video Released 2012

2012 NIGHTS & WEEKENDS Old Creek EP (Producer, Engineer, Edit, Mix and Performance) Digital/CD/Vinyl Released 2012

2012 LE JAMES DAVEY Vol 1: Le Processus (Producer, Engineer, Edit, Mix and Performance) Digital Released 2012

2011 YOUNG EMPIRES  (Live Percussion) The Drake Hotel 2011

2011 TENKENS Death in the Family Single (Rhodes and Pedal Steel) Last Gang & Fat Cat Records Released 2012

2011 CEREBRAL SCRUB? Make It Stink 1 LP (Producer, Engineer and Mix) Cassette Released 2011

2011 THE BROWNIE 7' (Produced, Engineer, Mix, Performer, Songwriter) Digital Release 2011

2011 GREADY PEASANTS  Self-Titled EP (Produced and Engineered) Unreleased 2011

2011 ALISTAIR CHRISTL 8 Songs By LP (Drums) CD/Digital Released 2011

2011 LOVE SHOT Love Assassin Single (Mastering) Released 2011

2010 GIRL AND THE MACHINE Strawberry Lollypop Ep (African Percussion, Steel Guitar and Dobro) Aporia and Iseed Records Digital Release 2011

2010 JUNZI Self-Titled LP (Produced, Recorded, Mix, Songwriter) Digital and Physical Release 2010

2010 TURKEY XXX Lp (Co-Produced, Recording, Mix, Edit and Drums) Self-Released in Taiwan and Canada 2010

2010 DOMINIQUE STEPHANE FRICOT Sea Change Single (Engineer, Edit and Mix) BC Festival Compilation CD Release 2010

2010 SHAWNEE Letter to You Single (Produced, Engineer, Drums and Steel Guitar) Unreleased 2010

2009 GIRL AND THE MACHINE Asian Tour (Drummer and Dobro) Aporia and Iseed Records Winter 2010

2009 YOUNG DOCTORS IN LOVE Self-Titled EP (Drummer) Released 2010

2009 IAIN FERGUSON Self-Titled EP (Engineer, Edit, Mix, Programer and Steel Guitar) Digital Release 2009-10

2009 MR SPEAKER Self-Titled Ep (Engineer, Edit, Mix, Percussion and Steel Guitar) Winter 2009

2009 BRAKEMONSTER Sitting On Top Of A Gold Mine LP (Producer, Engineer, Edit, Mix, Programer, Co-Writer)

2009 DJ BRAKE Summer Mix (Engineer, Edit and Mix) Released Summer 2009

2009 KEVIN MYLES WILSON Self-Titled EP (Producer, Engineer, Edit, Mix, Drummer and Steel Guitar) Digital and CD Release Summer 2009

2009 CELL 213 Intro and Ending Music (5.1 Mix) Summer 2009

2009 STRUMMIN AND STRIPPIN National Canadian Burlesque Rockabilly Tour (Drummer) Summer 2009

2009 SAMBACANA Self-Titled LP (Mix and Edit) Digital and CD Release Spring 2009

2009 KEELY VALENTINE Boys "Beastie Boys" (Produced, Engineer, Mix and Programer) Unreleased Spring 2009

2009 PROCON (Drummer) Ginchopolis Records 2009

2008 IAIN NABIL The Prisoner and The King EP (Engineer, Edit, Mix and Drummer) Digital and CD Release Winter 2008

2008 THE GOOD RUN The Getway (Produced, Edit, Co-Arranger/Writer and Drummer) Digital Release Fall 2008

2008 LEIGHTON BAIN Ontario Tour w/ The Painted Birds (Drummer) Summer 2008

2008 A HUNDRED MAGIC LIONS Salad (Produced, Engineer, Edit, Mix, Master, Arranger/Co-Writer, Drummer, Bass and Keys) Digital Release 2008

2008 DJ BRAKE Self-Titled (Engineer, Edit and Mix) Digital Release Summer 2008

2008 THE CARPS All The Damm Kids Remix - Single (Producer/Remix) Unreleased 2008

2007 CREGG AKA DA GULL (Boy Hits Car) Poems Ep (Engineer, Mix and Programer) Unreleased Summer 2007

2007 SAINT MOTEL Bright Nights EP (Drummer and Co-Produced) Spring 2007

2006 EMILY JENSEN First Glance EP (Produced, Recorded, Percussion, Pro-Tools Editor) CD Released 2006

2005-06 BOY HITS CAR The Passage Live Recording and Tour (Drummer) Funded by AKA Productions and the U.S. Armed Forces.

2005-06 TELECAST Mannequin in Love (Drummer, Co-arranged) Funded by Heineken Beer Company. Music Video for the song Mannequin in Love Directed by Joe Tomas. Release Summer 2006

2004 KiM DeFRANCO Moving Forward Track (Produced, Recorded, Co-Songwriter, Drummer, Keyboards, Pro-Tools Editor) Digital Release 2005

2004 AUDRA MAE Blue Eyes EP (Produced, Recorded, Co-Songwriter, Percussion, Pro-Tools Editor) Unreleased

2004 EDDIE ROESER from (URGE OVERKILL) How Could You Song (Produced, Recorded, Co-arranged, Drummer, Pro-Tools Editor) Unreleased

2004 CHRIS TRISTRAM The Sun Track (Drummer, Percussion, Pro-Tools Editor) Digital Release 2005

2003 THE STATE OF TEXAS VS. DAVE Self-Titled EP (Produced, Recorded, Co-Songwriter, Drummer, Pro-Tools Editor, Vocal, Guitar) Self-Released 2004

2003 NATALIE DAVIDSON Piano with love Track (Produced and Recorded) Unreleased 

2003 SERVICE Self-Titled EP (Percussion) Released by Little People Records 2003

2003 RENE RUTLEDGE Happily Jaded EP (Produced, Recorded, Co-songwriter, Drum Programmer, Pro-Tools Editor, Piano, Vocal) Funded by Interscope Records and Released by Guess Fashion Europe for promotional use 

2003 THE FULL CIRCLE The 26 Hour Prop Shop EP (Co-Produced, Co-Recorded, Drummer, Percussion) Funded by Jason K. Entertainment. Live Music Video for the song Insane shot at the Key Club in Los Angeles on March 23, 2003 

2003 ILLKIDD IllKidd Live Video and Recording (Drummer) Funded by Columbia Records and The Firm Management. Live Music Video shot over a two-month period of time on a North American National Tour 2003 

2003 SHE SAID YEAH Self-Titled Demo (Drummer, Recorded) Unreleased

2002 CHARLE HADEN'S LIBERATION ORCHESTRA California Institute of the Arts Performance Hall Live Performance and Recording Drummer/Percussion) Unreleased

2002 KELDA Self-Titled Album (Pro-Tools Editor, Drummer, Percussion, Co-Songwriter) Released under KSM Recordings

2002 PLAYGROUND MUSIC Songs for The Kids Album (Pro-Tools Editor, Co-Produced, Co-Recorded, Drummer, Harp, Washtub Bass, Dobro, Vocal, Jaw Harp) Self Released

2002 DAMONE ROBERTS Sex With Me EP (Produced, Recorded, Co-Songwriter, Music and Drum Programmer, Vocal) Funded and Released under Robert Hayes at Sound Management

2002 GINA APONTE I Need a Real Man Song (Produced, Recorded, Co-Songwriter, Percussion, Mandolin, Dobro, Jaw Harp) Released under The Geva Festival and Moose Knuckle Entertainment

2002 SULACO Self-Titled Demo/Live Recordings (Drummer, Co-Songwriter) Funded by Interscope Records

2001 SUSAN ALLEN'S IMPROVISATION GROUP BBC News Live Recording (Percussionist) Released by The BBC News Network

2000 FLAVOR BOX Walking Toward Your Dream Music Video (Drummer) Directed by Emmy Award Winner Barry Rubinow and released by Lowes Music

1999 BROTHER JIBRIL Tic Toc EP (Producer, Co-Songwriter, Drummer) Released 1999

1999 NICK MARSELIC Tribute EP (Producer, Co-Songwriter, Drummer/Percussion) Self Released 2000

1998 BANFF JAZZ ENSEMBLE Jazz Festival Live Recording (Drummer) Released by The Banff Centre for the Arts

1996 QUINTESSETET Just to Get the Gist of It Album (Producer, Co-Songwriter, Drummer, Vibes) Funded By New York Bagel Company and Released under CSF Studios

1994 GRAFFIX Self-Titled EP (Produced, Recorded, Co-Songwriter, Drummer) Self Released 1994

1992 TABU Live Video (Drummer, Co-Songwriter) Self Released 1992


Duke Bardwell - Elvis Presley (Bass)
Chris Martin - Coldplay (Vocals)
Charlie Haden - Ornette Coleman (Bass)
Joey Waronker - Beck (Drums, Producer))
DH Peligro - Dead Kennedys (Drums, Vocals)
Sandy West - The Runaways (Drums)
Eddie Roeser - Urge Overkill (Guitar, Vocal)
Dean DeLeo - Stone Temple Pilots (Guitar)
Dallas Taylor - Crosby, Stills Nash (Drums)
Denny Laine - Wings (Drums)
Bob Egan - Wilco, Blue Rodeo (Steel Guitar)
Father Damian Abraham - Fucked Up (Vocal)

The following Awards, Honors, and Distinctions are all relating to artists Davey is currently working for or has worked with. They also include distinctions for music that Davey is currently producing or has produced.

ILL KIDD was signed with Columbia Records, managed by Rob McDermott (Linkin Park, Pantera) of The Firm, and represented by the William Morris Agency. Produced John Travis (Kidd Rock, Buck Cherry) and The Dust Brothers (Beastie Boys and Beck). Sponsored by Zildjian Cymbal Company, Premier Drum Company, and Evans Drum Company. Songs featured in the movies/soundtracks The Grind and Orange County. Also featured in the reality television show The Real World. (MTV)

Telecast was signed with the independent label Falsetto Records UK. Produced by Joey Waronker (Beck, REM, Paul McCartney). Featured in magazines such as Filter, Rocksound UK, CMV Weekly UK and LA Weekly. Also featured on online music stations such as ZM Radio and Not Lame Recordings. Song Mannequin in Love placed in national television commercial for the Heineken Beer Company.

Kelda was the recipient of the ASCAPLUS Award for three years in a row. This award recognizes active and promising songwriters based on frequent performances and independently produced recordings. Kelda received an honorable mention for the song Fairytale in the 2003 DIY Music Festival, and again for the song Carried away in 2004.  Then in 2005 her album was runner up for album of the year in the DIY Competition.  She also appeared in Music Connection’s Hot 100 Unsigned Artist. Kelda has been featured in The LA Music Scene, LA Syndicate, Music Connection and ASCAP Audio Portraits. Her music has been featured on the television shows: Cold Case (CBS), High School Reunion (WB), Trippin’ (MTV), The Real World (MTV), and Road Rules (MTV).


She Said Yeah had a development deal with the major label Capital Records. Featured in magazines such as The Village Voice, Filter and LA Weekly.


Sulaco was the recipient of the BMI pick of the month Award.  This award is a showcase series focusing on one band or artist.  The monthly series is meant to help expose bands and artists to the music industry and public through a top quality venue.  The venue at the time was The Troubadour. This band was also featured in the Los Angeles Daily News.

Boy Hits Car was signed with the major label Wind Up Records. Produced by GGGarth. (Rage Against The Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers) Management John Boyle at Sanctuary Music Group. Featured hourly rotation on 105.3 The Buzz 2005-06. Tour for the US and NATO Armed Forces in the Balkans 2005. (See below for the awards given).