Some commenters figured it’s just a mistake, but film studies Professor Davey James emphasizes that to think so is to underestimate the question. 
It’s not a flub or a prank, but a real experiment in philosopical thought”

— Global News Canada

About Delica

DELICA is recycled music filtered through a rhythmic human machine. 

Davey James created 'Delica' performing an iPad and a tiny guerilla drum kit simultaneously. Recorded entirely live without overdubs strictly using second-hand equipment, recycled sounds and environmental friendly technology. James hinting at various eras and genres in his use of up-cycled & recycled sounds including; Radiohead, Alessia Cara, Nights & Weekends, Rocco Deluca, Led Zeppelin, Little Richard and Daniel Lanois that celebrates a fresh and unique sonic flavor. 

James says, "Delica is sonically sweet, filthy and raw drenched in digital schizophrenia, while surfing on face liquefying beats. The listener's experience is likened to a voyage exploring deep Antarctica on a marine expedition boat drifting in an orgy of silence. Travelling from one magic moment to the another." 

The Ontario native is an audiophile that just happens to be drummer. Over the years James has found the “drummer world” to darken and cast a shadow over the instrument and discovered to follow the road of traditional drumming would be castrating in distinguishing his voice. James is fascinated with placing musical ideas in subconscious and interactive motion. His sampledelic approach extracts, traps and repositions sounds from their original context, creating new work that illuminates and celebrates his favorite-recorded music.   

These extracted sounds are used in form of quotation but divorced from their original origin. These milliseconds of recycled music are presented in new linear movements, highlighting the core philosophical value James upholds in crafting music the 'Delica' way: Celebrating the human soul in the digital revolution. The sonic result is entirely different when the repositioned samples are experienced, creating a new center of focus. The new experience becomes flesh morphed with machine moving together in unity, a technological civil rights movement. 'Delica' is not electronic music, not acoustic music but "free feeling" soul music that presents honest and truthful moments.

The 4th Floor Weekend

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