Vol 1: Le Processus


BRYAN BELANGER (Re-Director of Le Processus) is a professional multi disciplinary artist living in Toronto. He is an recognized painter, illustrator, sculptor, filmmaker, and musician. Belanger is the Art Director for Pilot Pocket Book art and literary magazine. He has edited video for CBC and the NFB and is apprentice to the renowned assemblage sculptor, Roger Wood of Klockwerks.

is a twenty five minute sonic exploration that consist of five movements and is a journey that takes you through the letting go process that we all experience at one point in our lives. It is suggested to wear a good set of headphones and lay down to have a full experience!

The five movements:
  • Un Mouvement: La Catalyse
  • Deux Mouvement: Sensibilisation
  • Trois Mouvement: Humilité
  • Quatre Mouvement: Acceptation
  • Cinq Mouvement: La Renaissance

All songs written & performed by Davey James

With the exception of the woodwinds :
Adrian Terrazas-Gonzalez - Bass Clarinet, Tenor and Soprano Saxophones
Dana Nielson - Alto Saxophone
Alison Young - Baritone Saxophone

Produced and Engineered by Davey James

Recorded at NRG Los Angeles by engineers: Ferraby Lionheart and Joe Paradise and Canadian Recordings Toronto by engineer Davey James
Mixed by Paul Talbott
Drum Engineers: Ferraby Lionheart and Joe Paradise
Mastered by: Phil Demetro
Photos,Video and Album Design by: Bryan Belanger